Winter Night (thetwo)


Panda King
Nov 10, 2008
Ashley: HP = 1/52, PP = 72, EP = 1/78, Status = Weakened x3, Naked, Sealed, Low on Energy, Pregnant with sixteen tentacled horror eggs, tied to a sled

Jenn: Weakened x2, Naked, Sealed, Low on Energy, tied to a sled, Pregnant with two stalkers
Karena Arselone: Bound, Clothed, Weakened, Pregnant with twin goblins, hogtied
Dornhall the Troll Slayer: ???

Daniella Boulay: ???, spent 18 EP
Ryon Toma: ???
Alex Kovisto: ???
Professor Laura Steiner: ???, spent 4 EP

Arclan Clay: ???

Jiub the Slaver: ???
Ayeila: ???
Caragor: ???
Grumush: ???
Gronkor: ???
Dalmen: ???
Scortha: ???
Nilsin the Red: ???
Trogo son of Trondor: ???
Ylsig: ???

Ashley's captor offered her as little assistance as was possible to get her up and moving towards the cleaning room, grudgingly offering an arm on which she could keep steady before essentially shunting her into the small washroom. The door closed behind her, leaving Ashley to figure out what exactly she wanted to do and how exactly she wanted to do it.

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