The Great Hunt (Tassadar) GM'ed by MAF

Mamono Assault Force

Coon Tamer
Jan 1, 2009
The orc's expression seemed to soften, as if relieved a bit. "I appreciate your concern, but I won't be able to show my face to you if I lose here." he declared.

Then, they locked hands. Kavika and the Crolian man whose name she didn't know yet. As if to relieve this, he introduced himself. "My name is Rult! I will be taking you down!" he said with mirth. Then, he adopted a stance that suddenly had Kavika remembering her past. Her mother and she were out in the snow, a blizzard. Her mother was trying to teach Kavika how to become the woman she is today as they hunted a boar in the snow. When one was finally encountered. Her instructions clear, as Kavika saw Rult's stance adopt something similar. 'When pressured, a boar will tuck back and then launch itself to toss you away. You must take their horns, and-'

But Kavika found the memory cut off. Her stance was ready, tucking back, and ready to bowl Rult over, before finding herself akin to the boar her mother caught. Rult's face looked concentrated and serious as her skilled motions were caught off guard as he showed clear technique on how to topple a cunning beast. A technique that was oddly effective on Kavika, who was grabbed by the hands and flipped over, sent hurling into the air to land on her back with a thud. He still looked like he had a lot to learn, but he did it most admirably. So much so that Kavika was sure he'd be unlikely to repeat it so perfectly as he flipped Kavika over to slam her onto her own back.

The men and their circling wasn't just an attempt at an ominous mind game. They were reading Rult, and waiting for their chance. When he found it, Kavika found herself being thrown between the other Crolian and the orc, who received her effortlessly. They came crashing down upon Kavika, taking knees and wrapping their arms around her own, binding her immediately. "Good work, Rult! We're already off to a good start!" the orc congratulated his fellow. Rult meanwhile looked bashful. "Thanks Warring, but I got lucky, I don't think she expected me to treat her like a wild boar~" he admitted. The other crolian, now holding her, laughed. "Well it worked! Now don't letter go, by any means! Saviv!" he called out. Then, the anudorian stepped forth, "Yes-yes..." he said with a happy sigh.

As if it wasn't enough that she now had two men determined to hold her down, now Saviv, the anudorian, suddenly unleashed a power she recognized. As Kavika suddenly found magic seeping into her mind and forcing her gaze to slowly drift to the dark skinned man's long, beautiful and slender cock. It looked like his flesh was hand crafted by the gods to appeal, and being a female in fertile season as it were, she found herself beginning to forcibly admire it... Normally her mind was well protected against such measures due to her own training, but in that moment she had a freak incident of weakness. The anudorian was attractive, well endowed, and tall. So instead of resisting it, she was submitting to his will as he found a lucky crack in Kavika's mental defense, weaseling his way in and smiling as Kavika's body went weak and her resistance vanished. "It seems all is going well. Maybe too well?" Saviv inquired that they were beating Kavika rather too quickly. And he felt suspicious. But Warring the Orc scoffed. "Do not hesitate! Now is our window! Dominate her before Saviv's entrancement wears off!" he called out.

Rult let out a sigh, taking a moment to sit down and rest. It seemed like he might have thrown something when he managed to somehow overcome Kavika's prowess as he went to cradle his right arm that threw her. That left Warring, Saviv, and the yet unknown other crolian to take on Kavika, albeit in a very compliant state. Saviv came forth, smiling wide with the joy of conquest, while approaching Kavika with intent. Her face came to find nothing but the object of the magical obsession, his cock, right up to her face as Saviv took Kavika's face, and gently laid her down onto her back where he used her face as a seat, placing his cock and balls in her face, somewhat smothering her as he worked his hands into her hair, massaging her scalp with his fingers that sent forth pleasurable magics. His fingers working her ears as well, melting Kavika's mind further with his mind numbing pleasure that she couldn't resist. His elephant trunk of a cock decorating her face as he held his hands upon her head. Control was removed from Kavika as she felt herself lapping at his cock and balls like the canine she resembled. Each lick a small and humble one as she cleaned his fragrant cock as he and his cohorts had just gotten done hunting. It reeked of male hormones, a fact she picked up on keenly.

Seeing their chance, the others moved in. The crolian slipped in by her side and got underneath, spreading her legs open as he lifted her lower half, and adjusted himself to sheath his cock into her asshole in one go. His thick and firm crolian cock going in until it could no more, hilted inside of her asshole like a perfect fit. Then, finally... The orc mounted her. She felt his powerful hands grasp at her breasts, groping them excitedly and with a feeling of power as if Kavika might escape or get free if he didn't assert himself immediately and constantly. "Victory is in sight...!" Warring said with enthusiasm. Saviv looked a bit skeptical overhead as Kavika could see from between his thighs, balls and cock. "With how hard I hit her, she should be out for a while... Why not take our time and-" Saviv was cut off by Warring's zeal. "Nonsense! When she's like this... Just stick your cock into her and fuck her until she cums! Don't dawdle and waste your chance!" he declared, much to Saviv's chagrin.

"Yeah!" the crolian cheered, planting his feet and throwing his waist upwards to deliver long and periodic thrusts into Kavika's asshole. "We've got her finished. She might be a champion, but we're unstoppable!" he said with enthusiasm, grunting as he began to fuck her hard in the rear. "And I've... Got the best hole~ Since I get to cum inside~" he whispered, such that only Kavika could hear him between everyone else and the slapping of flesh against her rump, his thick inflamed cock vanishing in and out of her asshole in strides that made her luscious ass meat tremble from the force of impact. This was followed by Warring gripping hold firmly of her legs via the back of her knees, wrenching control from the Crolian and manipulating her that way to line himself up and planting his feet in much the same manner, making an M shape with his legs and hips before slamming into her pussy in one swoop, grunting as he did so. "Nnngh! Not as... Tight as I expected! I can... Handle this!" he boasted, throwing caution to the wind and thrusting away with gutso as his large balls gave the parts of her ass just above the appendage sliding into her asshole furious taps as Warring thrusted passionately and aggressively. His length stabbing into her pussy with a wet squish and subsequent repeat wet impacts of flesh as her fluids drenched him quickly and made a mess of her crotch - and his.

While the pleasure from all fronts was well recieved, all Kavika could focus on was the orc's absolutely massive prick. Definitely over a foot long, and her pussy folds tasted a thickness rivaling her own arm. His rounded tip allowing him to slide in deeper into her pussy while boasting a girth that was like getting fucked by a minotaur. Even by orc standards, he was huge. Though he wasn't as skilled as the combatants she fought in that arena, the fact that two other men were currently assaulting her added to the pleasure, forcing Kavika to realize that she could barely keep up with all three of them at once. But keep up she did, while Warring refused to admit that Kavika wasn't losing. "She's about to cum...! Just a little more...! I will win!" Warring growled. Saviv suddenly perked up and looked back in panic. "Warring, don't-!" he cautioned his friend, but Warring's behavior showed he was long gone from reason. Something about Kavika drove him insane with lust. His thrusts became lightning quick, pounding into Kavika ruthlessly in an effort to make her cum before he did. The Crolian tensed up first, as Kavika felt him exploding into her asshole. Thick globs pumping from his base, through her rim, and directly into her intestines with thick sounds of ejaculation that almost sounded like her ass was swallowing his cum. Spurt, spurt, spurt, spurt...! She felt him explode into her ass and fill her insides, letting out a sigh as he seeded her infertile asshole as his seed rested comfortably inside of her.

Meanwhile, Warring kept going, mad with the sight of victory before him. "...... RAAAAAAAGH!" he roared before Kavika eventually could take no more punishment from his fat green prick. Kavika's love for orc cock betrayed her as she came, still bewitched by Saviv to allow her to submit to the pleasure and grip Warring's cock and explode with climax... And at the same time as her pussy gripped him in preparation for climax, he never stopped moving his hips like a rabbit in heat while he came, as if he refused to even accept that he came with her. His cock exploded, shooting thick ropes with terrifying force into her womb. Rope after rope rushing in quick succession and once again with morbid sounds of climax, the thick goo that was his semen injected into her fertile womb with such volume that she couldn't handle more than a few spurts. Spurt-spurt-spurt-spurt-spurt-spurt-spurt, Warring kept ejaculating over and over, until the cum couldn't be contained anymore. Her stomach bloating and the pressure building up to cause an explosion of thick white semen in a ring around where her pussy and his cock met.

Warring laughed as this happened, breathing with excitement. "I did it! We did it! You have lost! We have cum, but Saviv-" he looked cheerfully to his comrade, who was still recieving a rather pleasant licking from Kavika, while the spell still lasted. But Saviv was not pleased. "We have lost." Saviv stated. Warring went silent, even his thrusting stopped. Dumbfounded by his comrades words, he withdrew his length, cum spilling from Kavika's folds. Which Saviv pointed at. "I believe she specifically said, do not cum inside until AFTER you have won, via winner's rights. The moment my spell wears off, she is going to be furious! You blithering buffoon!" Saviv said angrily, enraged at his comrade's blunder.

As they argued, Saviv's spell slowly wore off, and Kavika no longer became stunned with an induced love for black cock. Saviv politely removed himself and had already picked her up to a sitting position to not be in her way. Having no grounds to be on top of her anymore. Warring's hands were clenched. Since they both came at the same time, it was hard to say who won. Was it a draw because they both came? Was it their win because Saviv still lasted? Or was it their loss because of a rule broken? The situation became confusing for them. Each had their own opinion. "We... Won... The moment you came, we won!" Warring argued, but the reason for his argument is that Saviv's point made him insecure, since Saviv wanted to beat Kavika by her own terms. Saviv hummed for a moment, and raised a hand to pet along her head. A lighter touch of pleasure magic, but it was just meant to try and calm and soothe Kavika, as one would pet a dog to comfort it. "It is your decision. Did we manage to prove our worth to you? This was certainly us at our best. I did not expect it to go this well. We have nothing more to add. Please accept us as your lovers and followers, otherwise we will leave with our shame." Saviv said with a cat's grace. His voice was good to listen to, as if listening to music. Seemingly he carried the fey gift, or something akin to it.

Meanwhile, Rult had stood up and approached Kavika, interjecting the drama to suddenly bear hug the woman affectionately. He wore a grin and mannerism that made him seem like a child's mind in a large, muscular, manly body. Kavika sensed a kind of innocence that reminded her of Twig. "I had fun! I'm happy to have tossed you, now I have something to brag about!" His smile looked big enough to bite the head off of a wolf. But lacked any of the threatening atmosphere that might come with such a maw. A giant man indeed. "I wanted to have sex with you too, but I hurt myself trying so hard to beat you. You're too strong for me, Kavika~" he cooed, complimenting her strength and admitting it was a fluke indirectly.

This all happened while the crolian laid comfortably on his back, enjoying the feeling of his cock sheathed into Kavika's ass while content to lay there for as long as she'd sit on him. A big smile on his face.

(Big Spoiler of rolls)

Rult tries to fling:





Rult wins. Kavika is flung.

Knockdown resist roll:



Kavika is knocked down.

Warring and Crolian have brawler, they both grapple Kavika with ease thanks to Rult.

Saviv uses succubus power Stunning Gaze on Kavika.



Kavika loses and rolls nat 1. She is stunned for 5 rounds.

5 rounds of sex!
Kavika is penetrated by Crolian and Warring. Saviv uses pleasing touch on Kavika's head for no real reason. Mostly to touch her ears. Rult takes a break because tossing Kavika was difficult.

Enemy Group Pleasure total: 2d8+2d8+2d6+27
Kavika Total: 2d10+32 (Penetration), 2d6+20 (Foreplay on Saviv)

Round 1: (Enemy pleasure dealt versus Kavika, neither resisting except Saviv)
Enemy: 10+7+4+27=48
Kavika: 16+32=48 (Foreplay 23)

Round 2:
Enemy: 12+3+3+27=45
Kavika: 11+32=43 (Foreplay 29)

Kavika, Warring, and The Crolian all climax together.
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