The Battle Beneath (Tiffanian)


Panda King
Nov 10, 2008
Ilona: HP = 27/90, PP = 45/45, EP = 39/55, Status = Maimed (counts as Weakened plus movement reduced to 5 feet), Pregnant (litter of 14 of the psychic formori's spawn and 23 of the other random formori's spawn), Psychic Shield X = 8 (+16 dodge, AV, Resistance, defensive Bull Rush and Overrun, and Grapple) Paralyzed

Galo: HP = 48/48, PP = 31, EP = 33, Status = Fine

Aereia: Sage
Taron: Head Sentinel of Clyons
Aegea: Healer from Clyons
Treyzine: Seer from Clyons

Ilona's Attack: 53 with a 26 on the base dice, meaning she auto-glances at worst.
Formori Dodge: 45, Ilona hits him outright.
Damage: 10 x 10 = 100 damage. He ded.
Ilona's Dodge: 75
Formori try to attack; 64 vs 75 misses, 61 with 26 on base dice for autoglance vs 70 glances, 56 with 8 on base for glance at most vs 65 misses anyway.
Damage: 22 - 8 = 14 damage, plus poison.
Resistance: 27, with a natural one, so... Failed.

Reminder Text
Paralyzed - The character is unable to take any action during their turn unless they succeed at a Resistance check against a DC of 30. Which Resistance stat is used is determined by the ability that caused this status. The character takes a -1d10 penalty to all attack rolls, grapple checks, casting checks, and Dodge, and a -5 penalty to Speed, and Parry DC for each instance of this effect. A character may have multiple instances of this status, and every instance with the same related Resistance stat increases the DC of the check to take their action by 10 rather than require additional checks, while instances of this status involving different Resistances are resolved separately. When this check becomes impossible for the character to win without a natural 20, they are considered Helpless but are not knocked unconscious.

Weakened - The character is harmed in some way that results in a reduction in their ability to fight, and takes a -2d10 penalty to all attack rolls, grapple checks, and to Dodge, as well as a -5 penalty to Speed, to all weapon damage rolls relying on Body, and to Resistance checks, and a -1d10 penalty to Casting, Perception and Stealth. If a character would be attacked after they have rolled Dodge but then gained Weakened, subtract 5 from their Dodge stat for that round. A character may have multiple instances of this status, and their penalties stack. In addition, if the number of instances of this status multiplied by 10 exceeds the character’s Body stat, the character cannot take a move action and standard action in the same round. If the number of instances of this status multiplied by 10 exceeds the character’s Mind stat, they cannot speak coherently and their thought processes are slowed such that they cannot use any ability granting them additional actions. If the number of instances of this status multiplied by 10 exceeds the character’s Spirit stat, they halve their effective Spirit Ceiling.

With an effort of will Ilona looked up at the psychic formori who had been first to breed her, who had crippled her with those screams such that the other formori had been able to poison her into submission, and channeled her hatred into her psychic powers. The formori halfbreed shuddered as his body was ripped in half, torn from one end to the other starting at one shoulder and proceeding to rent him open all the way down to between his legs. Blood and gore erupted into the water, staining her view through the cave's natural doorway red as the psychic formori quite violently died, but she wasn't the only one who had just watched it.

The other formori, perhaps unsurprisingly, didn't relish the sight of one of their number spontaneously exploding quite as much as Ilona might have. The pudgy one said something, and a moment later the other formori were jabbing at her with coral and shell daggers coated in poison. Her shield rebuffed two of them, causing their strikes to rebound away, but one of them managed to push down hard enough to jab it into her shoulder. He tore downwards as her will forced him away, scraping along her flesh, and the familiar numbness and lethargy began to spread through her torso even as the trio began closing back in to keep jabbing at her.
Jan 8, 2011
Ilona’s eyes were wide with hatred as she mentally tore the half-breed formori in two, a twisted surge of joy as she watched her tormentor practically burst into a shower of gore that flooded the cave. The other formori were somewhat less amused, and they quickly swam towards the hobbled mermaid with small daggers… Three of them closed with her initially, two of them meeting her shield and being stopped, though the third of them managed to get his dagger into her shoulder just barely, scraping her enough to draw blood… And soon she discovered that their weapons were also coated in the paralytic poison they had used to subdue her the first time. Already she was feeling numb, and she knew she would have to finish this fight quickly… but could she even? The half-breed had wanted the pudgy one of his number to do something to her, so she decided he would be the next target…

Mind Cutter at X = 10 targeting the halfbreed psychic. Base + 3d10 + 8 to-hit, 2d8 x 10 damage.
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