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Tentacles Vs SuperHeroines


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Aug 12, 2010
Re: Tentacles Vs SuperHeroines

Adamantine wasted little time going aggressive on the unknown foe, using her potent strength, augmented by the warrior spirit possessing her through the ancient totem.

The pavement beneath her fist ripped apart as though it were sheet paper, sending up chunks of rubble flying towards the frightening man, connecting with him just as his arm raised defensively to protect his face.

Adamntine's true strike came at the man's ribcage, bypassing his initial defenses and connecting against his body with a stunning CRUNCH!

The enemy warrior went flying backwards, smashing clean through one car and making a shattering dent in an expensive looking hummer just behind it.

Though the man groaned and spat up a gob of blood, he wore a smile, and began a labored chuckle.

"I see you have chosen a strong vessel, tough on the outside, yet wearing a beguiling form. All the more tempting to me...."

He sprang forward out of the totaled vehicle, drawing his sword and bringing it slashing across at Adamantine in a single motion. However, before his blade could connect with Adamantine, the mysterious Taurus stepped in front of the strike, raising her hand and surrounding her body in an orange glow from head to foot.

The blade was repelled by her body in a brilliant flash of energy! Moving forward, Taurus began to rain strikes of her own against the man, forcing him to go back on the defensive.

"You're fighting with much zeal, as you always do. Yet in the end, it will not prove to be enough. A tide is coming to sweep away the world that you know... I am just the first of many."

Whether or not Adamantine answered him or not, he simply chuckled and continued to fight a withering battle, retreating when he had to, lulling both heroines into trying to find a supposed weakpoint, only to sidestep them at the last moment. It seemed that Adamantine's initial assault had taken him by surprise, but now knowing her capability, he was no longer underestimating her.

At last it seemed that he had backed himself into the wall of a building with no option of escape. As the two of the heroic female warriors awaited his surrender, he let out a booming laugh.

"I think you forgot about one thing!"

With a whoosh, a great anchor tied to a chain smashed into Taurus, and Adamantine both, sending them sprawling to the ground, kicking up sand, both of them having been so distracted by Warmonger's steady fighting that they had not taken into account the Soul Drainer charging them from behind.

Now as Adamantine and Taurus stood up, they saw the girl with red eyes twirling the ball and chain above her head, looking at them both with a devilish grin.

"You see? Always the conquered have relied on hope and faith to carry them through, but it is power and strength that carry the day. First the Soul Drainer will draw out your will to resist, then I shall once again have my way with your chosen vessel!" Warmonger boasted, drawing himself back and clutching at his wounded torso.

The spirit within Adamantine resonated strongly with the man, not because of his outer appearance, but because of the spirit residing within him. Instinctively, Tess had visions of battles throughout history, with enemy armies waiting to conquer stoic defenders along the walls of great bastions. In each vision, the totem spirit that Adamantine possed was present on one of the defenders, and the being known as Warmonger would inevitably be standing tall among the enemy ranks.

It seemed that this spirit was an old foe of Adamantine's throughout the ages...

Adamantine wins the Attack, dealing Warmonger a KO.
Warmonger fails his Attack roll, blocked by Taurus.
Warmonger outwits Adamantine, dealing a KO and taking initiative.

Because he has initiative, Warmonger allows Soul Drainer to be the Lead Villain.

Adamantine (1KO) now faces Soul Drainer! New Round! Please select tactic!


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Apr 22, 2010
Re: Tentacles Vs SuperHeroines

Feeling the crack of the opponent's bones beneath her fist, Adamantine felt vibrations of her own power reverberate throughout her entire frame, and knew right then and there that she had landed a good, clean hit. Though her eyes were locked onto her adversary, she practically expected him to go soaring into the hummer the way he did. The eerie laugh he responded with, less so. Tess herself was shocked to see this reaction out of the strange warrior, and she frowned in response to the beastly man's smile. The spirit of her necklace was not as surprised, its suspicions being confirmed when the swordsman began to speak of Tess as a 'vessel'. The copper-skinned beauty had little idea of what this meant at first, though she did note the lewd looks he gave her. She dashed in, looking to follow up her attack, but was taken off-guard by the warmonger's quick recovery, being given an internal warning by her bonded soul just a moment too late.

However, Taurus was there just in time, much to Adamantine's relief. Either way, the powerful athlete wouldn't allow such a momentary respite to distract her from the task on hand, and she was quick to join her ally in the assault, throwing a flurry of punches and kicks at him wherever openings made themselves available. "Yeah? I've got a whole team behind me too, and we're more than enough to take on you and the other punching bags that come along!" She wasn't one to let the opportunity to finish him slip, as the superheroine was aware that another harmful spirit was in the vicinity, likely terrorizing the innocents. Just a little more, she thought. He had taken enough damage from her initial attack that it was only another clean blow before he went down. But this red-haired beast of a man was holding his ground far better than Tess expected, somehow managing to avoid the most lethal of her and Taurus' attacks combined, and he did so long enough for the two women to be taken off-guard by the Soul Drainer's display of force.

Coughing up some blood, Adamantine struggled to get back to her feet. Augmented by the spirit's powers, she was more durable than any human, but she was still just that nonetheless. She moved to help her ally up as well before moving her focus to the anchor-wielding foe, though the firey-haired ruffian remained in her peripheral vision. "Have his way... the hell? Wow, this guy is serious, huh? Don't tell me he's actually done this to you before," Tess muttered aloud to the spirit in her choker. She received a silent affirmation by her personal guardian and grimaced, knowing that this was one fight she simply couldn't afford to lose. Was the man a vessel in his own right? He just appeared so... vile. No--it would be far better not to develop a sense of sympathy for the tool of this conquering spirit. Especially when the stakes were now this clear. Tess couldn't allow herself to look this bad in front of Iris, or make her worry. More importantly, she couldn't let anything at all happen to her personal ray of sunshine. This beach, as well as the people on it, served as a well of fond memories for her. She wasn't about to let these two Malignus, or whatever they were, turn it into a gravesite. Looking to Warmonger, then to the Soul Drainer, she raised her fists once more, her resolution hardening. "You picked the wrong person on the beach to start shit with!"

Narrowing her eyes, Adamantine used her head for once. Despite her impressive physique, she wasn't all brawn. This Soul Drainer had made their presence known, throwing around a large, unwieldy weapon, retrieved via chain. Already wounded herself, Tess couldn't afford to throw caution to the wind and end up walking into a counterattack; she had to make the red-eyed girl play her game. Catch the window of opportunity afforded in between each attack while being wary of the chain itself. Getting Taurus' attention, she consulted with her in a low voice. "Can you take point? On her next follow-through, I'm gonna see if I can't bring her down and pound her out. Anything to keep the drainer from getting that anchor back--like you said, gotta end it quick before she gets the chance to do some weird stuff. After I take care of her, then we'll finish off Carrot Top over there."

Yellow Tactic: Warrior Spirit -- Attack 2 Defense 2 Wits 4
Also using one of Iris' activations, for Taurus, to get Def 5 for this roll.
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