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Jan 21, 2016
Welcome to the character creation of Overquest.
Here are all the fanciful points you need to create your character, if you aren't experienced in pathfinder or D&D, just follow this: http://www.d20pfsrd.com/basics-ability-scores/character-creation

If you are experienced in D&D 3.0/3.5 but not pathfinder:
Skill points are not quadrupled on first level. You can take any skill you like but only class skills get a +3.

Variant clases or racial stuff is something you can pick up in exchange for whatever that variant replaces, you can even have multiples.. if they don't replace the same thing.

Favoured class bonus is something you get for each level you take in your main class.

A trait is like a baby feat.

More hitpoints for everyone!

If you are experienced in D&D 5.0 only
Theres no advantage/disadvantage.
You write your own characters backrounds.
fort = constitution save, Will = wisdom save, Reflex=Dexterity save.
You don't get skills for free anymore, instead you get a number of them you can purchase based on your class and intelligence.
You pick up a feat at lvl 1 and every odd number from there on.

Allowed are all core races and classes fit for high fantasy, all 3.5 and 3rd party is permissable after DM review for balance purposes.
Starting level: 4
Gold and gear: As lvl 4 character, note: No single items value may exceed half your gold total. (meaning you can't spent all your gold on one super powerful thingie)
XP track: Fast
25 point buy (no score over 18 or under 8 pre racial modifiers)
Favoured class bonus is on
Traits can be purchased at the cost of one feat for two traits, or one drawback/trait
Hitpoints are maxed on first level, rolled thereafter. Doing rolls on a trust based level, after all you don't really WANT to always win anyway. Alternatively you can take half hitpoints, added up and rounded down (example, 2d6= 3.5 each halfed, = 7 hitpoints total)

Fetishes that are almost guaranteed to appear: Mind control, Corruption, Enslavement, Futa, Transformation, Female or Futa dominant

Fetishes that could appear but are not guaranteed: Bimbofication, Evil mind control Parasites, Sluttification, Bestiality, egg laying/impregnation, Bukkake, Slave training, pet play, symbiotic suit/armor, sex toys, more tentacles why not.

If theres something you are uncomfortable with thats on the list please note it down too. No need to note down any of those:

Fetishes that wont be featured: Gore, Extreme BDSM, Torture, Scat, extreme forms of loli or Vore.

Your character sheet should have the following(You don't have to use the same code as I, if I can find all the stuff. Its up to you to keep track of your hitpoints lost, XP, ETC)
Pwetty picture of your character here plz!
[b]Name:[/b] Your characters name.
[b]General description:[/b] What do others see on a first or second glance?
[b]Class(es):[/b] List Variants if any.
[b]Race:[/b] List variants if any.
[b]Orientation and fetishes/interests:[/b] The stuff you want done to you. You don't have to go indepth, but a few general ideas help shape the campaign better.

Backround: Use spoilers please. A short backround of your character before the timeskip as the overlord takes control of the lands. I plan to set all of you up as one adventuring party, freeze you in time, unfreeze you in a world ruled by naughty evil, more to come soon!

[b]Level:[/b]   [b]HP:[/b] [b]Bab:[/b]  [b]AC:[/b]  [b]Init: [/b]
[b]Fortitude:[/b]  [b]Reflex:[/b] [b]Willpower:[/b]


 Racial: Use spoilers if necessary.

Use spoilers if there is lots, list the skill total please.

Starting Gold: 6000 GP, please list individual costs. (you can round up if its a bunch of a few copper or silver piece items.)

If any list your spells as
Spellgrade Known: / Uses per day:
Or Spells memorized here.



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Dec 13, 2013
Re: Overquest Character Creation

Name: Sekla Chainbreaker
General description:
A 5' 4" Hobgoblin woman with red eyes and mid-length black hair. She wears a well polished mask of a grinning jackal, a set of black clothes with a traveling dress, and a widebrimmed hat. A large backpack laden with various goods and grear is carried on her back with surprising ease, given her lithe frame. A cloak of several straps hooks off her shoulders.
Alignment: CG
Class(es): Collegiate Initiate Arcanist
Race: Hobgoblin
Languages: Common, Goblin, Draconic, Giant, Infernal
Orientation and fetishes/interests: Bisexual, with preference towards females and futas. While tries to keep it under control, has a breeding fetish and a desire to dominate most of her species shares. (Personally still enjoy corruption, transformation, size diffrence, impregnation, bestiality, unusual pregnancies of sorts, unbirth, etc)

Sekla grew up the child of a POW after one of the hobgoblins various wars against the various civilisations of the world. She likely would have been just another dangerous prisoner, if she was not taken in by a dean of an order of nature worshiping mages calling themselves Arcane Unified. Where most wizards sought to bend or alter reality, this group saw magic as part of nature itself, and believed in an interconnectivity of all beings, magical or mundane.

Sekla grew up with much care to temper her more tyrannical urges and most of her sadistic qualities, and she took to a magic that most of her people spurned as alien and monstrous. Still, Sekla was restless and while she was welcome there, she felt the need to contribute and repay for all the studies she was given. So she took to being a merchant.

Sekla learned to hide her features with illusions after the first time she was run out of a town. In the process of being a merchant, Sekla got involved in some kobold raiding issues as the small lizards tried to rob her and others. Beating the raiders, she remained with them for awhile to prolong their food supplies long enough for them to repair the damage raiding dragonkin did to their hunting grounds and foodstores.

This started to become a pattern, Sekla moving place to place, selling her wares and getting involved in dealing with increasingly aggravated savage species and forces. She showed mercy where she could, though it sometimes took her effort not to seek to control those she defeated.

Soon the raids showed signs of a deeper plot. So Sekla joined with a group who also were investigating this increasingly organized threat, as Sekla tried to handle not giving into various urges as she felt the thrill of conquering her foes time and again with her magic.

Level: 5 HP: 35 Bab: 2 AC: 13 [Tch 13] (FF 10) Init: +3
Speed: 30

Strength: 8
Dexterity: 16
Constitution: 16
Intelligence: 16
Wisdom: 12
Charisma: 14
Fortitude: 1+3 Reflex: 1+3 Willpower: 4+1

Attack(s): Dagger +1 1d4-1 19-20x2

Traits: Highlander, Magical Lineage (Produce Flame)
Flaws: Secret Shame, Cruelty

Racial: Sneaky, Darkvision 60
Class: Arcane Reservoir 8 (5), Aura of Good, Halcyon Spell Lore, Consume Spells 2/d, Quick Study, Potent Magic, Spell Mastery
Chosen: Scholar, Scribe Scroll, Extra Exploit (Potent Magic)

Stealth: 3+5+3+4+1=16
Spellcraft: 3+5+3=11
Knowledge Arcana: 3+4+3+2=12
Knowledge Nature: 3+4+3+2=12
Perception: 1+5=6
Survival: 1+1=2
Bluff: 2+1=3
Profession Merchant: 1+1+3=5
Craft Alchemy: 3+4+3=10

Starting Gold: 76 GP
Level 1 spell scribing (15gp x 10= 150gp)
Level 2 Spell Scribing (60gp x 16= 960gp)
Mwk Backpack (50gp)
Spellbook (-)
Extra Spellbook (15)
Spellcomponent Pouch (-)
Extra Spell Component Pouch (5)
Ink (8gp)
Inkpen (1gp)
Papersheets x5 (2gp)
Scrollbox x2 (10 gp)
Explorer's Outfit (-)
Artisan's Outfit (1gp)
Mask (3gp)
Mwk Cloak (+2 to Stealth against sight, 55gp)
Cot (1gp)
Blanket (1gp)
Collapsible Bathtub (15 gp)
Large Tent (30gp)
50ft Silk Rope (10 gp)
Small Steel Mirror (10 gp)
Rations x6 (3 gp)
Waterskin x3 (3 gp)
Compass (10gp)
Soap x 5 (1 gp)
Manacles x2 (30 gp)
Cooking Kit (3 gp)
Mess Kit (1 gp)
Portable Alchemist Lab (75 gp)
Deoderizing Agent x3 (90gp)
Air Crystals (50gp)
Alchemical Grease x3 (15gp)
Antiplague (50gp)
Antitoxin (50gp)
Tanglefoot Bag x2 (100gp)
Alchemist Fire x3 (60gp)
Muleback Cords (1000gp)
Traveller's Any-tool (250)
Campfire Bead (720)
Bookplate of Recall (1000)
Scroll of Shield x3 (75gp)
Scroll of Hold Portal (25 gp)
Scroll of Lesser Nondetection (150gp)
Scroll of Magic Missle x5 (125 gp)
Scroll of Obscuring Mist x2 (50 gp)
Scroll of Reduce Person x2 (50 gp)
Potion of Shield of Faith x2 (100gp)
Oil of Bless Weapon x10 (500gp)
Potion of Cure Light Wounds (50 gp)
Magic Dom Outfit

0: All, (Prepared: Detect Magic, Mage Hand, Prestidigitation, Acid Splash, Ghost Sound, Message)
1: (5/d) [Halcyon: Produce Flame, Abstemiousness, Faerie Fire] Shield, Grease, Mage Armor, Obscuring Mist, Magic Missle, Silent Image, Disguise Self, Magic Weapon, Crafter's Fortune, Reduce Person, Hold Portal, Endure Elements, Protection from Evil, Identify, Burning Hands, Color Spray, Vanish, Liberating Command, Jump, Magic Aura (Prepared: Color Spray, Mage Armor, Magic Missle, Grease)
2: (4/d) [Halcyon: Barkskin, Lesser Restoration] Invisibility, See Invisibility, Protection from Arrows, Resist Energy, Glitterdust, Web, Summon Monster 2, Touch of Idiocy, Shatter, Flaming Sphere, Darkness, Continual Flame, Blur, Mirror Image, Blindness/Deafness, Command Undead, Knock, Spider Climb, Lesser Nondetection, Misdirection, Alter Self (Prepared: Invisibility, Summon Monster 2)

Spell Mastery: Knock, Invisibility, Spider Climb,

This took awhile, guuuuuuh.
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Aug 12, 2010
Re: Overquest Character Creation

Name: Yan-Yenna Tea Leaf (Yenna or Yenny to her friends and close acquaintences)
General description: A young human woman with long exotic braids, extremely seductive and revealing dancer's outfits, carrying whips, hidden darts, and a veil. She has a long black dragon tattoo on her back, and she doesn't mind showing skin. She's blonde, with dark eyes that give a hint of otherworldliness.
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Class(es): Bard (level 5)
Race: Human
Languages: Common
Orientation and fetishes/interests: She enjoys group sex, either genders. She's a switch and can go dommey or subby, depending on what her partners' like. She's open to new experiences, but growing up in a brothel in Pandemonium, she's seen a lot. Interested in corruption and sexually becoming more lewd. Bondage is fun, and she loves oral, giving and receiving.

Yan Yenna was stolen from her parents as an infant by a hag from Gehenna, likely as either lunch or as a way to birth a future hag child. Either way, Yenna got lucky because the hag stopped off in the plane of Pandemonium, and ended up trading the infant to an outsider known as the Tea Maker, who brews mystical herbal tinctures as well as just really good, rare teas. He raised the infant as his apprentice, calling her his little Tea Leaf. The Tea Maker followed around a dark carnival that continuously made its way around Pandemonium, bringing along with it a market city that attracted outsiders from all planes above and below. Tea Leaf grew into an attractive young girl, and the Tea Maker eventually made a deal to trade her over to the carnival's exotic Entertainment Caravan of Delights, where she undertook bard training from the headmistress of the traveling College of Desire, Madam Zun, who took Tea Leaf's tuition in the form of her service, as a musician, serving wench, and when she was of age, as a prostitute. She was given the name Yan-Yenna, as a name appropriate for her new career.

How she became associated with the others of her company is yet to be determined, but MANY come and MANY go from the Caravan of Delights, it's possible that Yan-Yenna decided to strike out on her own, found a portal to a prime material plane, and hooked up with the first group of interesting adventurers that took her fancy. From then, any temporal effect that whisks her away to the new world can occur.

Level: 4 HP: 46/46 Bab: +3 AC: 20 Init:
Strength: 12 +1
Dexterity: 17 +3
Constitution: 16 +3
Intelligence: 10 +0
Wisdom: 13 +1
Charisma: 14 +2
Fortitude: +5 Reflex: +8 Willpower: +6

Scorpion Whip, to hit +7, dmg 1d4+3 (x2), disarm, perform, reach, trip
Whip, to hit +7, dmg 1d3 (x2), disarm, non-lethal, reach, trip


Proficiency with (Simple Weapons, light armor, shields (not tower), long sword, rapier, sap, whip, short sword and short bow.),

Bardic Knowledge (+3 to all Knowledge checks. May make all knowledge checks untrained.)
Bardic Performance (14 Rounds per Day)
At 1st level, a bard learns to counter magic effects that depend on sound (but not spells that have verbal components.) Each round of the countersong he makes a Perform (keyboard, percussion, wind, string, or sing) skill check. Any creature within 30 feet of the bard (including the bard himself) that is affected by a sonic or language-dependent magical attack may use the bard’s Perform check result in place of its saving throw if, after the saving throw is rolled, the Perform check result proves to be higher. If a creature within range of the countersong is already under the effect of a non-instantaneous sonic or language-dependent magical attack, it gains another saving throw against the effect each round it hears the countersong, but it must use the bard’s Perform skill check result for the save. Countersong does not work on effects that don’t allow saves. Countersong relies on audible components.
At 1st level, a bard can use his performance to counter magic effects that depend on sight. Each round of the Distraction, he makes a Perform (act, comedy, dance, or oratory) skill check. Any creature within 30 feet of the bard (including the bard himself) that is affected by an illusion (pattern) or illusion (figment) magical attack may use the bard’s Perform check result in place of its saving throw if, after the saving throw is rolled, the Perform check result proves to be higher. If a creature within range of the Distraction is already under the effect of a non-instantaneous illusion (pattern) or illusion (figment) magical attack, it gains another saving throw against the effect each round it sees the Distraction, but it must use the bard’s Perform check result for the save. Distraction does not work on effects that don’t allow saves. Distraction relies on visual components.
At 1st level, a bard can use his performance to cause one or more creatures to become fascinated with him. Each creature to be fascinated must be within 90 feet, able to see and hear the bard, and capable of paying attention to him. The bard must also be able to see the creatures affected. The Distraction of a nearby combat or other dangers prevents the ability from working. For every three levels a bard has attained beyond 1st, he can target one additional creature with this ability.Each creature within range receives a Will save (DC 10 + 1/2 the bard’s level + the bard’s Cha modifier) to negate the effect. If a creature’s saving throw succeeds, the bard cannot attempt to fascinate that creature again for 24 hours. If its saving throw fails, the creature sits quietly and observes the performance for as long as the bard continues to maintain it. While fascinated, a target takes a –4 penalty on skill checks made as reactions, such as Perception checks. Any potential threat to the target allows the target to make a new saving throw against the effect. Any obvious threat, such as someone drawing a weapon, casting a spell, or aiming a weapon at the target, automatically breaks the effect.

Fascinate is an enchantment (compulsion), mind-affecting ability. Fascinate relies on audible and visual components in order to function.
---Inspire Courage+2
A 1st level bard can use his performance to inspire courage in his allies (including himself), bolstering them against fear and improving their combat abilities. To be affected, an ally must be able to perceive the bard’s performance. An affected ally receives a +1 morale bonus on saving throws against charm and fear effects and a +1 competence bonus on attack and weapon damage rolls. At 5th level, and every six bard levels thereafter, this bonus increases by +1, to a maximum of +4 at 17th level. Inspire courage is a mind-affecting ability. inspire courage can use audible or visual components. The bard must choose which component to use when starting his performance.
---Inspire Competence+2
A bard of 3rd level or higher can use his performance to help an ally succeed at a task. The ally must be within 30 feet and able to see and hear the bard. The ally gets a +2 competence bonus on skill checks with a particular skill as long as she continues to hear the bard’s performance. This bonus increases by +1 for every four levels the bard has attained beyond 3rd (+3 at 7th, +4 at 11th, +5 at 15th, and +6 at 19th).
Versatile Performance (String)
At 2nd level, a bard can choose one type of Perform skill. He can use his bonus in that skill in place of his bonus in associated skills. When substituting in this way, the bard uses his total Perform skill bonus, including class skill bonus, in place of its associated skill’s bonus, whether or not he has ranks in that skill or if it is a class skill. At 6th level, and every 4 levels thereafter, the bard can select an additional type of Perform to substitute.

The types of Perform and their associated skills are: Act (Bluff, Disguise), Comedy (Bluff, Intimidate), Dance (Acrobatics, Fly), Keyboard Instruments (Diplomacy, Intimidate), Oratory (Diplomacy, Sense Motive), Percussion (Handle Animal, Intimidate), Sing (Bluff, Sense Motive), String (Bluff, Diplomacy), and Wind (Diplomacy, Handle Animal).
At 2nd level, the bard becomes resistant to the bardic performance of others, and to sonic effects in general. The bard gains a +4 bonus on saving throws made against bardic performance, sonic, and language-dependent effects.
Lore Master 1/Day
At 5th level, the bard becomes a master of lore and can take 10 on any Knowledge skill check that he has ranks in. A bard can choose not to take 10 and can instead roll normally. In addition, once per day, the bard can take 20 on any Knowledge skill check as a standard action. He can use this ability one additional time per day for every six levels he possesses beyond 5th, to a maximum of three times per day at 17th level.

Chosen: Weapon Focus (Whip) (+1 to hit with Whip), Weapon Finesse(Use DEX instead of STR), Lingering Performance (Bardic performance continues for 2 rounds after you stop performing.)

Spellcraft 1[4]
Perception 1[5]
Perform (Dance) 1[6]
Perform (String) 1[6]
Perform (Sing) 1[6]
Disable Device 1[7]
Sleight of Hand 1[7]
Stealth 1[7]
Profession (Prostitute) 1[4]
Knowledge (Planes) 1[4]
Knowledge (Arcana) 1[4]

+1 chain shirt (1200gp) (+5AC)
+1 buckler (1105gp) (+2AC)
Scorpion Whip (5gp)
Whip (1gp)
Rapier (10gp)
Throwing Darts x10 (5gp)
Oils of bless weapon x2 (100gp)
Potion of Bark Skin x2 (100gp)
Potion of Shield of Faith x2 (100gp)
Wand of Cure Light Wounds 50/50charges (750gp)
Magic Tattoo, Hypnotic (900gp); gain +2 to performance (Dance), when visible during performance, chosen creature within 90ft is at -2 to Perception and Sense Motive during performance. Mind Affecting. May change target of tattoo as free action.
Cloak of Resistance +1 (1000gp)
Instrument, Sitar Masterwork (100gp) (+2 bonus to performance)
Masterwork Backpack (50gp)
Bedroll (1gp)
20 days rations (10gp)
Waterskin (1gp)
Mess Kit (1gp)
Masterwork Thieves Tools, conceilable (100gp) (+2 to skill check)
Manacles, Masterwork (50gp)
Blue Whinnis Poison (120gp) (Deals 1COn initial, KO's for 1d3 hours on following saves, injury applied.
Giant Wasp Venom (dc 17) (210gp) (deals 1d3 DEX damage)
2 bottles of fine perfumed oils

Level 0, all - Detect magic, Prestidigitation, Light, Mage Hand, Ghost Sound, Summon Instrument
Level 1, 3/day - Grease, Silent Image, Disguise Self, Vanish
Level 2, 2/day - Heroism, Bladed Dash, Suggestion

Credit to Zilrax to helping me create this. Yenna is gonna be all over Seklah by way of thanks.
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Dec 6, 2009
Re: Overquest Character Creation

Name: Kiyomi Silvermane
General description: Kiyomi is a charmer. Undeniably cute, lithe and known for adorning herself in elegant cute outfits and exotic perfumes, one would have to a very strog will to resist her wiles. Which she has no issue with using to lure hapless lonely men or suckers into a loaded game of cards or dice to make an easy buck. Being a kitsune means she has a panache for trickery and games. Thanks to her fairy dragon blood, she has a knack for enchantment and illusion, which helps immensely whenever she finds her self in need of a quick getaway. Those who she does genuinely trust and count as friends can rely on her for support either by magic or trickery. She is also proficient with a crossbow, which she occasionally deems neccesary to use with poisoned bolts. She has long silver hair and beautiful dazzling platinum tails, from which she derives her name.
Alignment: CN
Class(es): Sorcerer, VMC Rogue
Race: Kitsune
Languages: Common and Sylvan
Orientation and fetishes/interests: Kiyomi is mostly bisexual, though she does have a personal fasciantion for those born futa or with both sets of genitalia. Being a trickster she loves teasing and playing with her partners and such some of her pesonal fetishes include tickling (especially in the anus/testicles), orgasm denial (giving), and kissing and licking over the entire body. She also enjoys games of chance such as strip poker, or other naughty games. Under the right circumstances she also enjoys pet play, being lead on a leash whether in human or fox form. She also enjoys erotic/nude dancing, occasionally dancing completely in the buff in secluded area on full moon knights. Very succeptible to praise and having her talents, be they magical or other wise acknowledged.

For me- I enjoy most fetishes save loli,shota,bestiality,guro,hardcore ryona, hard vore and the likes. I enjoy scat/waterworks, but am fine with not having it if it's a problem to others. Anal and ass play are majot fetishes of mine, as well as Futa, B-Mod, corruption, transformation, mind control/mind break, bimbo/sluttification, and tentacles.

Kiyomi was born to a noble kitsune family deep in the easter forests during a full moon in a rather unconventional fashion for her species; she was born into an egg rather than live birth. Her mother, a powerful kitsune sorceress was devastated at an early age to discover she was unable to concieve children on her own. So one night after her marriage, her and her mate ventured out to the mountains to plead to the Dragon Gods to let them have a child. The Gods conceded to their request on the conditions that her mother would agree to spend the night playing with and pleasuring the small Faerie-Dragon clan that had taken up residence in the mountains. During the night of pleasure, the fey-dragons had implanted a magical egg into her mother's body, allowing for Kiyomi's birth.

Kiyomi had been informed of the special circumstances of her birth at a young age, as the fey's penchant for trickery and pranks manifested itself in her at child hood. Because of the prankster blood in her, as well as the kitsune's own natural curiousity, she grew up with a neigh insatiable curiosity regarding the human world and world outside of the east. Thus when she came of age, she would pack up her bags and head out to world, learning all she could and honing her wits and magical abilities along the way. Having been blessed with the kitsune's ability to ingratiate and bond with others with ease, she managed to make a few fast friends when she wasn't pranking or conning the occasional mark. However, she bit off more than she could chew one day by conning a particularly keen sorceror. But thankfully due to her congenial nature, she managed to get off on the condition that she apprentice herslef to him and play along with a session of pet play, allowing the sorceror to lead her through the town on occasion in her fox form.

Once her apprenticeship had finished she would set out seeking treasures and other things of interest, beginning a career in adventuring. Her affable personality and skills in conning and magic ultimately lead her to finding a place in an upstarting adventuring company. All was going well until one day, most bizarre things began to happen and time would begin to stop in it's tracks....

Level: 4 HP: 21 Bab: +2 AC: 13 Init: +3
Strength: 12 (-2) = 10
Dexterity: 14 (+2) = 16
Constitution: 14
Intelligence: 14
Wisdom: 12
Charisma: 14 (+2) =16
Fortitude: +1 Reflex: +1 Willpower: +4

Light Crossbow Attack +4, Damage 1 d8 (+1d4 Acid or Fortitude DC 13 or fall unconscious 1 minute to 2 d4 hours) ,Crit 19-20 x2, Range 80 ft.

• Change Shape (Su) A kitsune can assume the appearance of a specific single human form of the same sex. The kitsune always takes this specific form when she uses this ability. A kitsune in human form cannot use her bite attack, but gains a +10 racial bonus on Disguise checks made to appear human. Changing shape is a standard action. This ability otherwise functions as alter self, except that the kitsune does not adjust her ability scores and can remain in this form indefinitely.
• Kitsune Magic (Ex/Sp): Kitsune add +1 to the DC of any saving throws against enchantment spells that they cast. Kitsune with a Charisma score of 11 or higher gain the following spell-like ability: 3/day—dancing lights (Level 4)
• Low-Light Vision: Kitsune can see twice as far as humansin conditions of dim light.
• Gregarious (Ex) Even among your own kind, your gift for making friends stands out. Whenever you successfully use Diplomacy to win over an individual, that creature takes a –2 penalty to resist any of your Charisma-based skill checks for the next 24 hours. This racial trait replaces agile.
• Nine-Tailed Inheritor: The kitsune is a wellspring of magical energy that manifests as additional tails. The kitsune gains Magical Tail as a bonus feat at 1st level. In addition, he adds Magical Tail to all class lists of bonus feats as initial feat choices for those lists, including all ranger combat styles and all sorcerer bloodlines. For example, a monk can select Magical Tail when he gains his first bonus feat at 1st level while a ranger can select it when he gains his first combat style feat at 2nd level. Additionally, the kitsune treats Magical Tail as all types of feats (except teamwork) when determining which feats he can select with a class's bonus feats feature. A kitsune with this racial trait cannot select Magical Tail as a class bonus feat and as a feat from character advancement during the same level. This racial trait replaces natural weapons.

Bonus: Magical Tail #1 (Disguise Self 2/day)
Faerie Dragon Bloodline
Power Prankster’s Befuddling Touch (Su): As a melee touch attack, you can cause a living creature to become dazed for 1 round. Once a creature has been affected by prankster’s befuddling touch, it is immune to its effects for 24 hours. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Charisma modifier. 5/day
Class Features
Trapfinding: A rogue adds 1/2 her level to Perception skill checks made to locate traps and to Disable Device skill checks (minimum +1). A rogue can use Disable Device to disarm magic traps. +2 Perception to locate traps and +2 to Disable Device
Chosen: Magical Tail #2 (level 3 Charm Person 2/day)

Bluff 1 +3= +4
Disable Device 4= +4
Escape Artist 4= +4
Knowledge (Arcana) 4 +3= +7
Stealth 2= +2
Spellcraft 1+3= 4

Starting Gold: 1027 GP
Light crossbow 250 gp
Handy Haversack 2000 GP
30 Crossbow bolts 3 GP
10 Acid Bolts 400 GP
10 Drow Poison Bolts 1000 GP
Bag of Harlot Sweets 60 GP
Small Tent 10 GP
Hemp Rope 50ft. 1GP
Elven Trail Rations 2 GP
Book of Puzzles 50 GP
Skeleton Key 85 GP
Adventurer's Chroncile 50 GP
Pen 1 SP
Ghost ink 25 GP
Ink 8 GP
5 Potions of Cure Light Wounds 250
Compact Spellbook 50GP
Puzzle Box 500 GP
Exotic Perfume 100 GP
Superior Loaded Dice 50 GP
Marked Cards 50 GP

0 level:
Mage Hand
Acid Splash
Detect Magic
Haunted Fey Aspect
1st level:
Mage Armor
True Strike
2nd level:
Oppresive Boredom

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Re: Overquest Character Creation

Name: Orelia Bisbark
General description: A young human woman with exploding breasts that seemed to always strain the odd bunny suit she wears, cleavage readily available. Her tanned skin holding vitality but that all fades once looking into her piercing eyes.
Alignment: LG
Class(es): Vitalist (Psionic): Favored (+1 hit point or +1 skill point or +1 Power point) | Mender Method
Race: Human
Languages: Common,
Orientation and fetishes/interests: Pregnancy, Milking, Pet Play (Cow!!), Forceful Domination, - vanilla, bondage etc. | No to extreme vore, guro, lolicon, shotacon.

Orelia has only ever known her mother, Festia, inside of the Bismark dome. She is raised inside of the masterful dome to be part of a long line of bred slaves that pleasure those that please the Bismark family. Her mother spoiled her rotten and taught her from young ages on how to pleasure those that came in. Once her powers to connect with other people revealed themselves, her surrounding family squealed in joy as she is added to their collective.

A great pleasure in her mind to perform and heal her family as they found her specialty and told her. Raised in the dome, she is pressed to service in making sure the darker plays do not result in untimely deaths of Bisbarks. This is her way of life until a cataclysmic event happened and she found herself outside, somewhere, where and how and why she does not know - only separated from her collective and seeking a group immediately.

Level: 4 HP: 26 Bab: +2 AC: 17 (10 + 5 + 2) Init: +2
Strength: 8 (-1)
Dexterity: 14 (+2)
Constitution: 16 (+3) (+1 from Lv 4)
Intelligence: 14 (+2)
Wisdom: 18 (+4)
Charisma: 8 (-1)
Fortitude: +7 Reflex: +3 Willpower: +8

Attack(s): Steal Health (Su) Ranged Touch Attack (30 Ft)

Racial: Bonus Feat, Skilled.
Collective (Su)
Collective Healing (Su)
Medic Powers
Transfer Wounds (Su)
Vitalist Touch
Health Sense
Spirit of Many
Steal Health (Su)
Telepathy (Su)
Mender’s Touch (A mender vitalist of 2nd level who utilizes transfer wounds heals the target an additional number of hit points equal to his class level. This additional healing is not transferred to the mender like the normal amount healed.)

Expanded Collective
Expanded Knowledge (Power to be picked after Zilrax Help)
Psicrystal Affinity - Personality Sympathetic +3 Bonus on Sense Motive Check

Skill Ranks: 8 + 8 + 4 = 24

Autohypnosis (Wis) 2+4 = 6
Heal (Wis) 2+4 = 6
Knowledge (History) (int) 2+2 = 4
Knowledge (Local) (int) 2 +2 = 4
Knowledge (psionics) (Int) 2+2 = 4
Perception (Wis) 2+4 = 6
Profession (pleasure-slave) (Wis) 2+4 = 6
Sense Motive (wis) 2+4 = 6
Spellcraft (int) 2+2 = 4
Survival (Wis) 2+4 = 5

Gear: 3329 GP 5 SP remaining. (Bare bones here with no food. Have powerspell sustenance.)
Chain Shirt+ 1 (1100 GP) (+5 AC) (+4 Max Dex Bonus) (AC Penalty -1) (Arcane Spell Failure Chance 20%) (Speed 30ft/20ft) (Weight 25 Lbs)
Potion of Mage Armor (250 GP) (5 of them)
Potion of Shield of Faith (150 GP) (3 of them)
Cognizance Crystal (1000 GP) (PP+1)
Outfit, Courtiers (90 GP) (Bunny Girl Outfit) (18 Lbs)
Boots, Softpaw (25 GP) (1 Lbs)
Hat/Wig (30 GP) (Bunny Ears) (1 Lbs)
Brooch (10 GP) (Bunny Girl Tail) (2 Lbs)
Bedroll (5 SP) (3 Lbs)
Tent, Medium (15 GP) (30 Lbs)

Spells (Will work on)
Power-grade Known: Up to 2nd Level
Power-points: 29 (4th Level) | Attribute Modifier Table Here + 4 Favored Class
Powers Known: Max 3 Swappable.
0th Level - Knacks
Natural Healing (Via Mender Path) (Does not count to total)
Halt Death (Via Mender Path – Mender Knack) (Does not count to total)
Detect Psionics
Sense Poison

1st Level - Powers
Astral Construct - Via Expanded Knowledge Feat

2nd Level - Powers
Animal Affinity
Share Pain

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Oct 23, 2016
Re: Overquest Character Creation

Name: Lena Lawless

General description: Unnaturally blue hair that hints at her heritage, Lithe frame, healthy almost glowing look to her skin, light blue tribal style tattoo trailing down her left arm.
Alignment: LN
Class(es): Monk (Tetori) - 4
Race: Sylph (Native Outsider)
Languages: Common, Auran
Orientation and fetishes/interests: Bisexual, Not timid, and an extreme masochist. Exhibition fetish. (I'm okay with breaking her and ridding her of her (relatively) prudish ways XP )

Adopted young by rebels, Lena has little understanding or experience with the world as a whole. She tends to be incredibly awkward when put in social situations, even with her close friends, so she actively avoids people when possible. Its not that people make her uncomfortable, quite the opposite, but she tends to make other people uncomfortable with her personality and mannerisms. She, simply, sees the world differently. Over the years this has helped her find her place in the rebel cause. She wasn't one for deep infiltration, but if information was needed, Lena was the girl to call. She would find a way to get the job done.

Her self-imposed isolation has given her a strange view of the world, over the years. She's learned to watch and wait, rather than to assume, in all matters involving people. Even the simplest and the most brainwashed person can surprise you if you just assume you know how they will act. She finds this individuality fascinating and exciting. This is why she opposes the government, even after growing old enough to form her own opinions. The ones who serve the government act.. subdued. Lena can still appreciate the rare moments of individuality she can find, but its different. Its like their actions are seen through a fog. Something that pushes for uniformity of thought, perhaps. Lena finds it incredibly boring.

Even though Lena prefers to avoid a fight, she does no her way around. Her lithe body makes those that face her underestimate her. She then uses that same frail looking body to run circles around her opponents and subdue them to the point that they can act no longer. Lena is still fairly inexperienced in a fight, but she has yet to lose one. She intends to keep it that way. But before any fight, she will always look for any possible alternative. Worst case scenario, shes faster than most people and can simply run away.

Level: 4 HP: 21 Bab: +3 AC: 16 (Touch)-16 (Flat)-15 Init: 1

Strength: 18 (+4)
Dexterity: 12 (+1)
Constitution: 8 (-1)
Intelligence: 12 (+1)
Wisdom: 16 (+3)
Charisma: 8 (-1)

Fortitude: 3 Reflex: 5 Willpower: 7

Attack(s): Unarmed Strike, 1d8, lethal or non lethal

Energy Resistance: +5 Electricity Resistance
Feather Fall 1/day: Caster level = Char level
Darkvision: 60 ft
Improved Grapple
Stunning Pin
Snapping Turtle Style
Snapping Turtle Clutch

(4+1 (int)=5) * 4 levels = 20

Acrobatics: 3 + 3(class) + 1 (dex) = 7
Climb: 4 + 3(class) + 4 (str) = 11
Perception: 4 + 3(class) + 3 (wis) = 10
Sense Motive: 4 + 3(class) + 3 (wis) = 10
Stealth: 4 + 3(class) + 1 (dex) = 8
Swim: 1 + 3(class) + 4 (str) = 8

(2500G) Bag of Holding, Type 1 (15 lbs)
(1200G) Wing Cloak (1 lbs)
(2000G) Ring of protection +1
(10G) Barbed Vest (4 lbs)
(100G) Rope, Spiders Silk 50ft (4 lbs)
(8G) Cold-Weather Outfit (7 lbs) *
(8G) Hot-Weather Outfit (4 lbs) *
(1G) Waterskin (4 lbs) *
(50G) Manacles, MWK (2 lbs) *
(65G) False Manacles (2 lbs) *
(2GP) x1 Modest Barrel of Amazing quality (30 lbs) *
(5G) x20 Trail Rations (20 lbs) *
Hammock (3 lbs) *
Pole, 10 ft (8 lbs) *
Soap *
Blanket (3 lbs) *
Dice *

* Stored inside Bag of Holding (Max 250 lbs)

Feather Fall 1/day

Monk "Magic" BS

AC Bonus: When unarmored and unencumbered, the monk adds his Wisdom bonus (if any) to his AC and his CMD. In addition, a monk gains a +1 bonus to AC and CMD at 4th level. This bonus increases by 1 for every four monk levels thereafter, up to a maximum of +5 at 20th level.
These bonuses to AC apply even against touch attacks or when the monk is flat-footed. He loses these bonuses when he is immobilized or helpless, when he wears any armor, when he carries a shield, or when he carries a medium or heavy load.

Unarmed Strike: At 1st level, a monk gains Improved Unarmed Strike as a bonus feat. A monk’s attacks may be with fist, elbows, knees, and feet. This means that a monk may make unarmed strikes with his hands full. There is no such thing as an off-hand attack for a monk striking unarmed. A monk may thus apply his full Strength bonus on damage rolls for all his unarmed strikes.
Usually a monk’s unarmed strikes deal lethal damage, but he can choose to deal nonlethal damage instead with no penalty on his attack roll. He has the same choice to deal lethal or nonlethal damage while grappling.
A monk’s unarmed strike is treated as both a manufactured weapon and a natural weapon for the purpose of spells and effects that enhance or improve either manufactured weapons or natural weapons.
A monk also deals more damage with his unarmed strikes than a normal person would.

Stunning Fist: At 1st level, the monk gains Stunning Fist as a bonus feat, even if he does not meet the prerequisites. The monk may attempt a stunning attack a number of times per day equal to his monk level, plus one more time per day for every four levels he has in classes other than monk.
At 4th level, and every 4 levels thereafter, the monk gains the ability to apply a new condition to the target of his Stunning Fist. This condition replaces stunning the target for 1 round, and a successful saving throw still negates the effect.
At 4th level, he can choose to make the target fatigued.

Evasion: At 2nd level or higher, a monk can avoid damage from many area-effect attacks. If a monk makes a successful Reflex saving throw against an attack that normally deals half damage on a successful save, he instead takes no damage. Evasion can be used only if a monk is wearing light armor or no armor. A helpless monk does not gain the benefit of evasion.

Fast Movement: Current +10ft/sec

Maneuver Training: At 3rd level, a monk uses his monk level in place of his base attack bonus when calculating his Combat Maneuver Bonus. Base attack bonuses granted from other classes are unaffected and are added normally.

Still Mind: A monk of 3rd level or higher gains a +2 bonus on saving throws against enchantment spells and effects.

Ki Pool: At 4th level, a monk gains a pool of ki points, supernatural energy he can use to accomplish amazing feats. The number of points in a monk’s ki pool is equal to 1/2 his monk level + his Wisdom modifier. As long as he has at least 1 point in his ki pool, he can make a ki strike.
At 4th level, ki strike allows his unarmed attacks to be treated as magic weapons for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction.
At 7th level, his unarmed attacks are also treated as cold iron and silver for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction.
At 10th level, his unarmed attacks are also treated as lawful weapons for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction.
At 16th level, his unarmed attacks are treated as adamantine weapons for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction and bypassing hardness.

By spending 1 point from his ki pool, a monk can do one of the following:
Make one additional attack at his highest attack bonus when making a flurry of blows attack, or
Increase his speed by 20 feet for 1 round, or
Give himself a +4 dodge bonus to AC for 1 round.
Each of these powers is activated as a swift action.
The ki pool is replenished each morning after 8 hours of rest or meditation; these hours do not need to be consecutive.

Graceful Grappler: A tetori uses his monk level in place of his base attack bonus to determine CMB and CMD for grappling. At 4th level, he suffers no penalties on attack rolls, can make attacks of opportunity while grappling, and retains his Dexterity bonus to AC when pinning an opponent or when grappled.

Counter Grapple: At 4th level, a tetori wrestler may make an attack of opportunity against a creature attempting to grapple him. This ability does not allow the tetori to make an attack of opportunity against a creature with the Greater Grapple feat.

A new adventurer approaches!
Let me know if there's anything you want me to change. (And when i should expect to work myself into the campaign)
Originally, I had it in my head that the Wing cloak was the stolen heirloom. I thought it would be cool to have the Sylph specific item be a family heirloom type deal. I suppose she still gets the cloak from her family, I'll just not have it get stolen this time around :) After all, who needs any extra incentive to become a hero when youre living in a dystopian world?
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