Escape! - Play-by-post / Tabletop game concept


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Mar 12, 2011
Hello everyone.

Thanks to Armello going out on Steam and me having to much free time, I had the idea of this game, which uses the rules of a tabletop game and which could be played by forum post or RPG apps like Roll20.

The main principle of that game would be to put one DM playing as a "Kidnapper" against 1 to 4 "Victim" players.
The Kidnapper's goal is to use perverse traps, challenges and henchmen to "break" their victims into remaining in their Lair.
The Players' goal is to be the first one to escape the Kidnapper's lair, the others remaining trapped inside as the Kidnapper would lockdown their lair after the successful escape.

The setting and the nature of the traps, challenges, etc., vary depending on the DM or the players kink. It can go from sex machines to monsters and tentacles.

You can find a work-in-progress version of the rules here, but I'd also like to create a sub-forum to put the game rules in and to allow would-be DM/Kidnappers to organize and run games in the sub-forum.
Is it possible for a moderator to open a sub-forum for Escape!?

I'm still honing the rules a little, so if you have remarks, questions or ideas, do not hesitate to reply to the thread.
Also, if/once the sub-forum is opened, I'll host a test game with up to 4 other players, to experiment and balance the game mechanics.


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Jun 3, 2011
Re: Escape! - Play-by-post / Tabletop game concept

I'm interested. I could help brainstorm if you need someone to do that with.
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