DG4 Rules (Beta)

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Panda King
Nov 10, 2008
Figured I would make it a bit easier to find this. Will possibly eventually edit this into a thread like the DG3 rules, but don't expect that to be soon. Keep in mind that this is incomplete, bereft of lore for the most part, and still subject to a lot of change both mechanically and depending on how a number of active threads end up going.

A document of suggestions that may or may not be implemented later.

General Rules including the character creation guide, which I will probably copy and paste below anyway.

The Character Sheet and a rundown of the stats and how they are calculated.

The Change Log

Status Effects




Templates which are now actually important


Spell List

Mage Feats



Succubus Powers


Trades which are basically like ye olde dnd skills.

Gear and various gear related stuff a lot of which still needs a bunch of work. It will eventually be consolidated into a single much easier to read document... Hopefully.

Super Talents which are basically expanded Talents that need to be bought with XP

The Psyker Table

Mechanist stuff will come... Eventually. It has had some work put into it, but it is nowhere near finished.

Even though it's incomplete, I prefer to run DG4 over 3.5 at this point because the dice swing makes it more fun and it accounts for more things. I wouldn't necessarily call it balanced, but it is less lopsided and alpha strike-y than previous editions.

Character Creation Primer
Step 1 - Read the fluff material. Knowing the basics about the setting, and about the assorted playable races if the first step in figuring out the sort of character that you want to play. There’s a lot of lore to look through, but the basic primer is enough to get you started on a basic character concept. Feel free to ask questions of any of the GMs for help in working out ye character concept. Come up with a backstory, goals, character quirks, all those things that might make them feel like an actual person.
Step 2 - Choose a race, a backstory template, and a class. These choices should support your character concept and make sense given the lore related to your choice and whatever backstory you’ve concocted for them. If you wish to include another Template, you may want to choose it now, though they are not necessary and generally somewhat complex.
Step 3 - Assign your character’s base stats and plug in the stat bonuses from their race, if they have any. A character has 50 points to spread among Body, Mind, and Spirit at character creation, but these stats must be spent in 2 point increments. No base stat is allowed to be an odd number, ever. Racial bonuses are applied afterwards, but spending base points follow the same scaling rules as spending experience to increase base stats. If any base stat would have more than 40 points put into it, it costs 3 points for every 2 point increase, with excess points lost if they cannot be spent. Above 60, each 2 points costs 4 stat points, and etc.
Step 4 - Calculate your secondary stats as based on your primary ones. Some of them aren’t affected by any primary stats, while others are. Keep in mind that any division or multiplication in Dark Gate that doesn’t say otherwise rounds naturally.
Step 5 - Choose your Talents and Flaws. Characters are allowed 5 Talents at character creation, and may take 3 Flaws in order to gain 3 more. Flaws and Talents gained from Races, Classes, and Templates do not count toward these limits. After this, add any effects Talents have on your stats.
Step 6 - Depending on your chosen class and what Talents you took, pick what you want for your secondary class and ability related stuff. Mutations, Skills, Mage Feats, Elements, Wielder Aptitudes, Powers, and *insert Mechanist class ability names here* should all be chosen now, and their effects added into your stats.
Step 7 - Choose your equipment. By default, characters are allowed 3 weapons, one shield, and one piece of armor at character creation, plus 50 denarii that they may spend or keep as they see fit.
Step 8 - Fill out your character’s trades, including any they get from already chosen bonuses. Remember that each character automatically gains 5 dice in a single language of your choice for free, and 2 dice in Perception and Stealth.
Step 9 - Fill out your character’s backstory and description.
Step 10 - Your character sheet should be in a spoiler tag, created by putting the word “spoiler” inside of square brackets at the top of your sheet, and then “/spoiler” at the bottom also in square brackets, ignoring the quotation marks. Square brackets are the ones that look like this: [ ]

I maaay be running a mud-wrestling esque testing area at some point in the near future, but on that I guess we'll see.
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