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Jan 21, 2016

"I am? I mean.. I know! Nice to finally be acknowledge though." Genius-Fey nodded, following along with the dwarf with only marginal hesitation. She was not the hesitant type of person, unsuprisingly.
"Kinda confused, yeah, not sure what fire has to do with cheating...
A boat just moving with heat? You mean a steam-boat? I mean.. I've not heard of something like that but I guess you can dream up all sorts of things. That said! If you want someone to bring the heat, you got the right phoenix-es."
She nodded slightly, togheter with her familiar, and grinned, looking at the boat.. a bit rund-down by time, but sturdy enough.

She then grinned at the other dwarf.
"Well, I think I got a sollution.. I'll just fire it up so much that it'll either take off.. or burn down... if you don't mind either of the outcomes that is." She chuckled at Flint.

"So, you tried all sorts of things, I guess heating it in various ways was among them too..." She pondered and tipped her chin, hints of little fire sparking under her fingers. "I guess by your reaction nothing happened so far? Well.. fun thing is, most substances have what's called an ignition treshhold.. Long story short, you could actually hold a lighter up to dynamite or Thermite, nothing would happen. Thermite without an igniting mechanism is basically a red powder you can have lying around Only once enough energy is put in can the self perpetuating reaction be set in motion... this boat could work by similiar principles, only storing the energy but showing no reaction until a certain treshold is reached."
Fey tipped her chin.

".. to simplify it. I'm saying that since heating it up propably didn't work, we ought to try MORE heat!" She grinned dangerously, seeming quite up for the task.
Feb 5, 2017
The twins glanced over at Fey and Flint, wondered what they were doing, and silently hoped the dwarf knew what he was getting into before returning their attention to the others at the table. “Well, glad you’ve been having a good day, and yeah, the innkeepers are really nice people aren’t they?” Shiroi remarked with a little smirk of her own, and her sibling agreed with a nod and a warm smile, her ears twitching and her tail swaying.

Indeed, it’s quite the boisterous, happy and interesting family Aya’s got going on here, a lot different from her own (true) family of two. Still, maybe it’s her temperament or maybe she’s just used to it, but considering the long run, she did prefer just having her sister rather than a gaggle of uncles, aunts and nieces. It may be fun to have someone to visit though.

By the way, Erfek, what’s up between you and Aya? Not that I’m judging you for anything, but it almost feels like you two share a longer history than we know about.” The albino continued, getting a curious glance from the catgirl who hasn’t been suspecting a thing.

Hmm? What do you mean by that?

It’d hard to put into words, but there’s this feeling of hating someone without actually hating someone. Well, that’s a little extreme, but it’s like that thing people say about old married couples? They whine and gripe all day about how the other sucks and they mean it but there’s also no real animosity behind it and even a bit of affection. Sort of like that? I kind of get that feeling from you towards Aya. Just thought it’d be interesting to point that out. You two aren’t hiding something, are you?” Shiroi stared at the zoog with a raised eyebrow, and very briefly glanced at Aila as well. Maybe she’s thinking too much into this, maybe he’s just holding a grudge over the forced servitude magic Aya put on him. Honestly she’s not expecting any straight answers even if she’s not being overly paranoid, but there’s just something that’s bugging her about the scruffy creature, and it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Meanwhile, the pet wyvern did her chores dutifully, quickly yet carefully collecting the dishes and cutlery from the table and delivering them to the kitchen, squirming and squeaking with pleasure every time her handler passed by with her teasing tail. Though it was a little embarrassing every time she felt Kuroi subtly peeking at her, the wyvern girl’s arousal clear to see with her soft red-faced panting and dreamy expression, she didn’t care to subdue herself anymore. She already doesn’t mind being seen naked, maybe she should get used to being seen as a slutty pet as well~

Not thinking much on her slowly developing exhibitionism, as soon as Korrie finished delivering the last of the tableware to the kitchen sink, she found herself snatched into a corner of the kitchen; while she was taken by surprise and had expected to go to a bedroom or some other more private setting, one look from the succubus was enough to drive any such concerns from her mind, stoking the already burning fires of passion. Being played with in the kitchen was pretty novel too, wasn’t it?

The pet wyvern barely had time for that thought before the tail spearing into her overly-teased snatch blanked her mind, Korrie instinctively reaching out to hold Aya tightly as her back arced from the ecstasy, her cry of pleasure muffled by supple lips pressing against her own. With the state of perpetual arousal she’s been in all night, the girl almost immediately convulsed in a mini-orgasm, but her body didn’t break stride in bucking against the intruding tail and grinding against her handler, tongue coiling and twisting in desperate fervor. The only answer to Aya’s request were moans and gasps of mindless lust, probably the answer she wanted to hear.


Demon Girl
Jul 22, 2012
Flint grinned happily as he led Fey onto the boat and down bellow deck "Watch yer step, it's a bit low under the ceiling right here" He walked through the hallways until they entered what had to be the engine room and opened it, inside were what was obviously a boiler, but there were no coal, not any storage for coal, instead the heating part of the boiler had a chamber filled with dull orange crystals growing in it, and one of the things Fey would notice when the dwarf opened the door was teh sheer cold, as room was downright freezing, with ice covering the walls and floor close to the different corners between the wall and floor as well as the wall and roof with even a few icicles on the roof itself here and there, it was as if all heat had been sucked out of the room over a short amount of time time "When i bought this hunk o metal, those crystals were glowing so brightly it hurt to look at them and the heat was nearly unbearable and coming from a dwarf that says a lot, though as ye can see, the crystals ain't glowin' no more and I have no idea how to make em glow again" The crystals would prove a pretty hard nut for Fey to crack as any fire lit up in the room would be dragged towards the crystals and absorbed, which would probably explain why Flint had had such a hard time getting the damn thing to work in the first place, though Fey would have one thing going for her, an inexhaustible supply of fire, whereas Flint would have a limited supply due to fuel constraints.
"Well lass, any ideas?" Flint looked at Fey expectantly, with Uldar and Dulgar looking at the two from a safe distance, with a somewhat bored expression "To be honest here, if heat was all we needed and we had enough room Firemaw probably would have been able ta do it, but these narrow hallways can't support something that large, and the wood can't resist the sheer heat of a Hellion, so we have been rather limited in what we can do" "Not to mention the cats would have a heart attack when the damn thing arrives, ye both know that Firemaw is not allowed inside city limits, not even at the harbor" "That too" the two younger dwarves would offer to create some flame for Fey to manipulate should she need too, though she would find that the crystals would make it difficult for her to maintain a flame as the absorption effect would draw the fire and heat into the crystals the moment it was lit.


Erfek looked at the twins for a moment, the tentacle "beard" around his face twitching a bit, as if Erfek was trying to come up with a satisfactory answer "It's... complicated, in more ways than one, suffice to say we have a history and let's leave it at that for now, I will tell you more once were out of town and I have had a discussion with Aya about it, not sure how much she is comfortable revealing bout that topic and given the situation I would rather not get her angry at me, thank you very much" Erfek looked up at the twins with an expression that made it clear that any further digging about the topic would be met with dead silence from the Zoog, who after a moment lost interest in the entire conversation and hopped down from the table and disappeared out of the room, leaving the twins and the golem alone, "Huh, what a strange Zoog, not to mention his reason for tagging along didn't really make much sense, then again there might be more to the story than I know" The golem seemed puzzled, and a bit confused as well given the encounter, though she quickly shook her head and refocused on the twins and resumed the earlier conversation about the dreams the twins had experienced.

Out in the Kitchen Aya was smirking as she looked at Korrie's expression "Such a good pet, good pet indeed, just let your mind slide away into a sea of pleasure and lust for a while" Aya continued to tease Korrie and make sure she was well and truly lost to the ecstasy that the was feeling, just as the door opened "Well it would seem you have everything well in hand" Aya looked over to the one speaking and shrugged, before taking out a small phial and while making sure that Korrie was way to lost to pay any attention carefully filled it with her love juices "This will suffice, I take it?" She put a stopper in the phial and casually tossed it to the other person "For now, the twins suspect something by the way" Aya resumed her pleasuring of Korrie, driving home even more pleasure, doing her best to make sure that the Wyvern Girl would remember as little of what was transpiring now as possible, her expression hungry as she had her 2nd dinner for the night, drinking in the lust that Korrie was so eagerly giving off "Not too surprised, the two of them are smarter than they seem, and also have less of pure emotional attachment, seeing as they are not brainwashed out the wazoo, so they can view events more objectively, not to mention erasing their memories takes more than a bit over overwhelming pleasure, given that they are more... reserved in that regard" there was a chuckle from the person Aya was speaking too, and the door closed, leaving Aya and a completely lusted out Korrie alone as Aya, now sporting several horns as well as wings leaned in and gave Korrie a deep passionate Kiss that would send her consciousness spiraling into blackness, as the mere touch of the succubus' lips would hit her mind with a re-enactment of when she had her "reward" at the museum, provided Korrie woke up before sunrise, she would find herself lying in bed, with Aya beside her, sleeping soundly, with her arm and tail possessively wrapped around the wyvern-girl, whether she remembered anything of the conversation in the kitchen, only time would tell.
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Dances with Girl-Cocks
Jan 21, 2016

Fey whistled softly, wandering down under deck with the dwarf, still full of energy. "Oh, cool. Negative enthalpy." She remarked, thinking to recognize the freezing.
"Well, they's certainly not hot anymore. Whatcha think partner? . eeep." She mused, stepping over to pick up one of the crystals.
Of course, dragging fire towards it, the gems had a side effect of undressing Fey, who'd been as nude as Korrie, but more easily emberassed about it, covering herself in a cloak of flames and now clearing her throat and shifting subtly. "Well, let's see.. A flame pretty please.. hoi... " She watched the flame drawn into the crystals annoyedly. "We're lucky these things seem to get weaker the less hot something is, else they'd lower the temperature to dangerous levels.. that also means the hotter you make it, the more they'll draw the flames in. Actually good I learn that there's things like these in the world now rather than when someone suckles my flames away.." She put the crystal down and then clasped her hands together.

"Hellion-Schmelion. I got an idea, sure... more fire! All you need is a limitless supply of flames." She grinned and, with only a slight blush, flicked her fire-necklace. "All I need to do is make sure I don't create more than those gems can absorb... let's take a few step back, I can't create flames only manipulate them. Everyone stand behind me. Oh.. and just to be sure, you might want to grab something to extinguish any.. excess." She grinned a dangerous.. oddly happy grin, musing to Flint, with just a hint of emberassment remaining at her exposed self. A little too early she asked: "Thinking about it, this is just my dream self.. but you know.. in my dreams, or in reality, my fires have little limit. Everyone ready? Great!" She crossed her hands over one another, a flame blossoming into life between them as her eyes took on an orange glow.. before a massive blast of fire into the engine room, aiming at the crystal trying to fight a slightly maniacal laughter.

"Bwahahahahaa! Wooo! Fire of the Flames!" She enthused, her energy turning into more of a continous stream of fire from one hand, the other playfully shooting smaller fireballs left and right, seeming to take some frustration out on the crystals, almost. "Mwahahahaa yeah! Fire-beam!" She raised two fingers, concentrating for a few moments, before unleashing a concentrated blast of hot-white fire.
After unleashing well over a hundred fireballs upon the heat-absorbing gems and both keeping her flame burning and a stream of fire going to feed the crystals, a hint of sweat evaporated from Fey's forehead, as she felt the first, dull, odd aches of a beginning tiredness, more from the mental strain and physical movement than the direct control of fires. Flickering flames curled around her like an old friend, keeping the flames rushing out with only one hand, she flexed the other and looked over to Flint.
"Pfew. I'm not gonna lie, I'm not exactly exhausted but.. I never felt like this. It's strange. Another problem.. you know... it's actually some effort to fire this up.. that means this ship wont work for long without a dedicated pyromancer on board. The Twins could charge it.. once they're grown up. But.. heh.. You know.. whenever I become tired one way or the other, as long as I'm not injured as well, my natural regeneration kicks in and keeps me going, so stamina is way above what you'd get normally." She chuckled, lowering her hands, briefly catching her breath.
She grinned, leaning up against the ship's wall, stretching, and declaring, her supple nude form still on display with the stones suckling up her remaining fire. She genuinly looked just a little more exhausted than she wanted to admit however.
"And we need to go to over the oceans .. weird yellows library place to steal his pancake to save mistress.. so... I could keep doing this for days." She declared, nodding to herself. She could help mistress. With fire. There was no question on what to do for her. What kind of awesomest of all pyromancers and fire-phoenix elementals would she be if a few energy-drained crystals beat her? She'd heat them up hotter than Flint had seen them!

"Let's try something more serious now. Flame Empress - Focused Fire!" She declared, taking a few steps closer to the crystals now, creating a flame of red that then slowly yellow-orange, then slowly a white, almost painful to look at hue, before losing all color, but for a tiny, blue speck, with Fey posing dramatically, seeming satisfied with herself as the blue flame shot forth, coiling almost playfully, slowly around the crystals.. before Fey stopped, panting, stumbling almost.
"Pfewww.. haaah.. haaah.. Bit woozy." She declared. "Everything above three thousand degree's is suprisingly.. ugh..." She rubbed her forehead. "Fey's gonna do.. a .. nap now.. yeah.." She decided, yawning, and half lying down, half collapsing, unless someone assisted her there.. On the upside, if any kind of heat was the sollution to the ships fuel problem, she had provided an abundance.

(Letting Fey do a snooze to allow you to cut to tomorrow for everyone. Also, heh, still amused that in a way the .. fiery tempered Fey is the one working most loyal to the cause itself. :p)
Feb 5, 2017
The twins stared at Erfek while he vaguely explained himself, Kuroi innocently surprised and curious, while Shiroi raised an eyebrow in suspicion, but accepted that’s all she’s gonna get out of the zoog for now. “Alright, fair enough. Thanks for being honest about that.” The albino said, her eyes following Erfek as he headed out of the room, then shared a glance with her sister. So, Erfek and Aya do share a secret history afterall… That means the whole ‘trying to attack and enslave the party’ thing that got Erfek indentured was an act. But why? What’s the purpose in hiding their relations? Is the zoog not just any zoog, but someone really important in disguise, like a prince pretending to be a pauper? Is the zoog… not a zoog at all?

Aila’s interjection snapped the twins out of their individual ponderings. “I never thought about it much, but after that I’d have to agree. I wonder what they’re hiding…” Kuroi mused, throwing a glance at where the zoog left through, “By the way, when he spoke to you in that other language, what did he say? It sounds like the story he gave you isn’t the same as what we know.” She continued to ask. Either way, after the issue of Erfek’s hidden past was put aside, the twins were more than happy to continue their earlier conversation about their dreams, topics branching off to legends of treasure-filled temples and other festivals of the dream world as well as stories from the waking one, until late into the night when everyone was tired enough to head to bed.


While the twins merrily talked away the night with Aila, Korrie continued to be a good little puddle of lust for her handler, her tongue lolling out while she drooled in mindless bliss, clinging on tightly to the succubus while her nethers clenched around the intruding tail. Her eyes were rolled back and unfocused, and the slutty pet wyvern didn’t notice a thing while Aya collected some of the love juices that were gushing plentifully from her hungry snatch. Though she was very vaguely aware of a conversation going on, her mind only barely alerted itself enough to perceive that she was not the one being addressed before she simply lapsed back into animalistic pleasure, paying the conversation nor the unknown visitor any attention while she continued to squirm and buck against the tail, shivering in another small orgasm that barely slowed her down. In fact, she seemed to subconsciously moan a little softer as not to interrupt her handler, like the good pet that she is.

Then, not even noticing Aya’s true succubus form, Korrie felt her handler’s lips on her own for a split second, and the next she found herself on the verge of waking up in bed, echoes of a mindmelting climax making her shiver with delight. Still tired and only half-awake, she felt herself lying on a soft mattress and covered by a warm blanket, with someone hugging her. She managed to see who it was through bleary eyes, smiled, and huddled closer before letting herself drift back to sleep again, enjoying the feeling of skinship and the scent of her handler. She couldn’t really remember what happened last night after playtime began, other than the echo of pleasure that her now increasingly sex-hungry body remembered, but that was enough for her. She only hoped she’d get to experience that more today…

With her body still affected by her conscious and sub-sconscious self-perception, her growing acknowledgement and acceptance of her developing nymphomania made some minor changes to her by the time she’s woken up by Aya later. An arcane-looking heart-shaped tattoo appeared over her crotch, emerald green as was her color theme, and when she opens her eyes, the centers of her pupils would be heart-shaped, no doubt influences from certain forms of art she’s enjoyed.

((It's not that surprising, Korrie might be able to focus better in the short-term if motivated, but her inability to stay focused on long-term commitments is what ruined her academics. It's very easy for her to lose track of the end goal by in-the-moment excitements. Both the twins also lack the level of emotional attachment the two pets do, so while they do want to help, they don't have as much of a sense of urgency. And, honestly, OOC-wise, I myself am trying not to make the impression that I'm rushing the campaign since I like the exploration and side activities, even though IC-wise Christine being lethally poisoned isn't exactly something to take their sweet time dealing with. Fey should totally get a special reward for being the most loyal and focused though =w=))

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